Types of Google Maps in Android Development


In this android development tutorial, we will learn about the four basic types of maps that we can integrate and utilize google maps in our android applications. Basically, Google maps offers four different types of maps to integrate into our android applications. Which are:

  • Normal
  • Hybrid
  • Terrain
  • Satellite

So what is the difference between all of the above types? Let’s discuss them in detail:

Normal map in Android

A normal map has the following characteristics:

  • This is a normal, typical map
  • This includes man-made features, natural features, rivers, and so on
  • Labels are shown.

Here is a screenshot of a normal Google map:

Satellite map in Android

A satellite map has the following characteristics:

  • This map displays images that are captured using a satellite
  • No roads are shown on this kind of a map
  • No labels are shown

This is a screenshot of a satellite map:

Terrain map in Android

A terrain map has the following characteristics:

  • This kind of a map displays topographic data
  • It displays roads and labels
  • It displays 3D elevation for mountains and other geographical data

Here is a screenshot of a terrain map:

Hybrid map in Android

A hybrid map has the following characteristics:

  • This map is the combination of a normal and satellite map, respectively
  • This kind of a map displays roads and labels

This is a screenshot of a hybrid map:

In this tutorial, we’ve seen the four types of maps available in google maps. In the next tutorial, we will see how we can integrate these maps in our android apps.

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