40 Important Ruby on Rails Gems for your Next Project [ 2019 ]

Today I am going to give you a list of more than 40+ ruby on rails gems that can be essential for your next awesome ruby on rails application. Ruby on rails Gems is essentially a program already written by a cool ruby programmer for us to solve our day to day tasks, so we don’t have to manually write the whole functionality again & again for every single rails project.

Like when you want to add an Admin Panel in your application you don’t have to write the code for that, rails community already developed so many great gems for us that we can use without hesitation. And believe me, that saves a lot of time and effort.

Essential Ruby on Rails Gems

  1. CANCANCAN: Add Authorization in your ruby on rails apps
  2. Delayed_Job: Essential for running backgrounds tasks.
  3. Kaminari: For Adding Pagination in your rails app.
  4. ActsAsTaggableOn: To implement Tags or classification and structuring of data.
  5. Paranoia: Implement Soft Delete functionality.
  6. Cocoon: Implement Nested Forms fast and easily.
  7. Webpacker: Integrate webpack and yarn in your Rails app.
  8. Bullet: Find and remove N+1 Queries to improve rails app performance.
  9. Capistrano: Best gem for building automated deployment scripts.
  10.  AASM: Add finite state machines to Ruby classes (for State Management).
  11. Active Admin: A Robust & elegant backends for website administration.
  12. ClientSideValidations: Easily add Client Side Validations in your rails apps.
  13. TruffleRuby: is a high-performance implementation of the Ruby programming language. 
  14. Sail: An admin panel for managing configuration settings on a live Rails app.
  15. Flipper: For enabling/disabling features in your rails app.
  16. RSpec: A testing framework mainly used in BDD and TDD environments.
  17. Wicked PDF: For generating PDF Files in your Rails applications.
  18. FriendlyId: Create user-friendly URLs in your Rails applications.
  19. Devise: A Robust and most complete user authentication system.
  20. Autoprefixer: Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS.
  21. Grape: A REST-like API framework for Ruby.
  22. OmniAuth: Log in with a social account like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  23. CarrierWave: Handles File Uploading in ruby on rails applications.
  24. Minimagick: Handles image processing in ruby on rails applications.
  25.  Fog: Upload and store your files on external servers like Amazon’s S3 or Google’s Cloud Storage.
  26. Sidekiq: For running scheduled jobs in rails apps.
  27. Resque: Another awesome background processing gem.
  28. Ransack: Great for basic search functionality for your rails app.
  29. Elasticsearch: For implementing more robust search functionality.
  30.  Dotenv: Manage and load environment variables from a dotfile.
  31.  Administrate: A great alternative of Active Admin for developing an admin area.
  32. Draper: Add an object-oriented layer of presentation logic to your Rails application.
  33. Simple Form: An awesome tool for creating forms in rails apps, fast and easily.
  34. MetaTags: Create SEO-friendly Rails app by adding View Helpers for meta tags.
  35. Money-Rails gem: Provides integration of the money gem with Rails.
  36. Brakeman: A static security scanner that identifies vulnerabilities in Rails applications.
  37.  Letter Opener: Preview emails sent from an application in your browser.
  38. Better Errors: For better error page for ruby on rails applications.
  39. RuboCop: A Code Analyzer for writing fast and error-free code.
  40. factory_girl: For generating fake data like names, address, etc.

So that’s the list of best ruby on rails gems that we use in our rails applications. I’ll be adding more and more gems in the list as soon as we find a gem that is worth mentioning. I hope you’ll find this article helpful. Let me know in the comments section if I forgot adding any essential gem. Thanks. Happy Coding.!

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