PHP 8.3 Released!

The first generally-available release for PHP 8.3, the 2023’s major update to PHP, was released today.

PHP 8.3 is largely backward-compatible with PHP 8.0 through 8.3, and brings a handful of new features such as type support for class constants, new json_encode function, dynamic class constant fetch support, and more. PHP 8.3 also brings some quality-of-life improvements and a handful of deprecations as well.

Install or Upgrade to PHP 8.3

Now that PHP 8.3.0 is tagged, PHP 8.3 packages are available to use from the usual sources.

  • How to Install/Upgrade PHP 8.3 on MacOS with Homebrew
    • How to install or upgrade to PHP 8.3 on Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, and more
    • How to install or upgrade to PHP 8.3 on Ubuntu and Debian

Docker images available at Docker Hub, and Windows binaries at


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