New Docker Build Cloud Solution Boosts Developer Productivity

New Docker Build Cloud Solution Boosts Developer Productivity by Accelerating Build Times with Zero Switching Costs and Seamless Integration

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Jan. 23, 2024 – Docker, Inc.®, today announced Docker Build Cloud, a new product that directly addresses the pain point of how much time engineering teams spend waiting on builds to complete by accelerating Docker image builds up to 39x by offloading workloads to the cloud, regardless of whether developers build locally or through continuous integration (CI). Available now for existing Docker customers, the new offering is another example, along with recently announced investments in AI, of Docker’s commitment to improving the developer experience and productivity to enable a greater focus on innovation. 

Instead of forcing developers to adapt to a “cloud-only” or “local-only” environment, Docker embraces a hybrid approach. This allows developers to enjoy the familiarity and comfort of local development tools for tasks like code editing and debugging while seamlessly scaling to cloud resources when needed for resource-intensive workloads, collaboration, or deployments. Docker Build Cloud requires zero change in the developer’s existing workflow on the local laptop, in their tooling, and in their Dockerfiles – benefits that developers receive with zero switching costs. 

“Docker’s priority has always been improving developer experience and productivity,” said Docker Chief Product Officer Giri Sreenivas. “Docker Build Cloud effectively tackles the challenge faced by engineering teams who lose valuable time waiting for builds to complete, enabling them to remain focused on innovation. As teams expand, this solution scales with each engineer, leading to significant increases in productivity.”

Reduce Build Times, Speed Up Innovation 

The impact of these long wait times on productivity and developer experience can cost even a small organization $420,000 per year (based on an annualized salary of $140,000 and a team of 25 developers). And the build times are longer. The average build time has increased by an average of 15.9% since 2021, and developers lose around one hour each day. Docker Build Cloud seamlessly integrates within the existing workflow of developers, meaning they get time back without shifting from their local environment. For further time savings across teams, Docker Build Cloud also incorporates a shared build cache and accelerates multi-architecture builds with native builders.

With its ease of installation and immediate value and speed, Docker Build Cloud has been well-received by customers.

“At Switchboard, we believe in the power of developer-first tooling,” said DoctorBlocks, Chief Technical Officer at Switchboard. “Our goal is to supercharge Web3 applications with custom data feeds, functions, and verifiable randomness. This means developing and building a lot of Docker images, and a significant challenge was the time spent cross-compiling to support multiple platforms. Docker Build Cloud provides native multi-architecture builders as an out-of-the-box solution that simply works, without the need to build or manage slow emulators. Our overall build times improved considerably through the shared cache feature. Before on our local machine it took 15-20 minutes to build, now with Docker Build Cloud it’s down to 110 seconds, a massive improvement.”

“Our research indicates that organizations are tasked to do far more with fewer resources and the developer skill gaps are a growing concern for modernization efforts,” states Paul Nashawaty, Practice Leader for Application Development and Modernization at The Futurum Group. “By empowering developers to concentrate on higher-value tasks, this technology effectively mitigates complexity, propelling efficiency and dramatically accelerating build times. With this release and building off the recent AI announcements, Dockers drives towards leading developers into a transformative era, streamlining development processes for unprecedented productivity gains and accelerating innovation.”

Availability and Pricing

Current customers of Docker can try Docker Build Cloud today. Existing subscribers receive Docker Build Cloud minutes based on their subscription tier – Docker Personal, Pro, Team and Business. Subscribers can purchase Docker Build Cloud plans which add 200 minutes per seat per month starting at $5 a seat per month, and additional minutes beyond those start at $0.05/minute.



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