PHP 8.2 Released

What’s New and Changed in PHP 8.2

Highlights of PHP 8.2 include support for readonly classes, DNF types, truenull, and false types as stand-alone types, declaring class constants in traits, a new random extension, and more.

PHP.Watch has an entire article dedicated to highlight what’s new and changed in PHP, as well as a complete list of changes with detailed examples.

PHP 8.0 No longer actively maintained

With the release of PHP 8.2, PHP 8.0 (released in 2020) is now marked as “security fixes only”.

PHP 8.0 branch will no longer receive bug fixes. Security vulnerabilities discovered in PHP 8.0 and later versions will be fixed until 26 Nov 2023, which is the scheduled date to mark PHP 8.0 as end-of-life.

Applications that still use PHP 8.0 are strongly advised to upgrade to PHP 8.1, or ideally to PHP 8.2.

PHP 7.4, the last version in PHP 7.x series reached its EOL on November 28. This effectively means that all PHP versions prior to PHP 8.1 no longer receive active support.

Installing/Upgrading to PHP 8.2

PHP 8.2 is now available to download/install in all regular sources:

  • Windows: Compiled binaries are available at
  • Ubuntu/Debian: PHP 8.2 is available on ondrej/php PPA. A detailed installation/upgrade guide is available on PHP.Watch.
  • Fedora/RHEL/CentOS/Alma/Rocky: Available as a software collection php82 from Remi repo.
  • Mac OS: PHP 8.2 can be installed via Homebrew with shivammathur/homebrew-php tap.
  • Docker: Official PHP 8.2 images are now available on Docker Hub with 8.2* tags.

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