PHP 8.3 Release Managers Elected

Every major PHP version is managed by a small group of PHP contributors who create and sign PHP releases under the particular PHP version, signs them, triages bug and security fixes, coordinate security announcements, and more. Most of the latest PHP versions were managed by a group of three Release Managers, one of them amongst being an experienced veteran PHP contributors who has been an RM before.

Sergey Panteleev, one of RMs for PHP 8.2 invited on PHP Internals mailing list for volunteers to submit their names to be an RM for PHP 8.3.

Pierrick Charron (other RM for PHP 8.2) stepped in to be the veteran RM for PHP 8.3. There were three candidates who stepped in to be the “rookie” RM:

  • Eric Mann
  • Calvin Buckley
  • Jakub Zelenka

A vote was held to elect two RMs for PHP 8.3 (along with Pierrick Charron), and the vote concluded on April 16 with Jakub Zelenka and Calvin Buckley being elected as the Release Managers for PHP 8.3.

Release Managers for PHP 8.3

  • Pierrick Charron: Veteran Release Managers
  • Jakub Zelenka
  • Calvin Buckley

PHP 8.3 Release Schedule

Along with the PHP 8.3 Release Manager election, a rough timeline for the PHP release schedule was announced.

Jun 08 2023PHP 8.3 Alpha 1
Jun 22 2023PHP 8.3 Alpha 2
Jul 06 2023PHP 8.3 Alpha 3
Jul 18 2023Feature freeze
Jul 20 2023PHP 8.3 Beta 1
Aug 03 2023PHP 8.3 Beta 2
Aug 17 2023PHP 8.3 Beta 3
Aug 31 2023PHP 8.3 RC1
Sep 14 2023PHP 8.3 RC2
Sep 28 2023PHP 8.3 RC3
Oct 12 2023PHP 8.3 RC4
Oct 26 2023PHP 8.3 RC5
Nov 09 2023PHP 8.3 RC6
Nov 23 2023PHP 8.3 General Availability
Nov 2025PHP 8.3 Active Support ends / Security Support Only
Nov 2026PHP 8.3 End Of Life

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