PHP 8.3 Beta Released

The upcoming PHP version scheduled for the end of this year, PHP 8.3, received its first beta release on 20th of July.

While beta releases are not meant to be used in production environments, the beta release of a PHP version also marks the feature-freeze of that PHP version, as well as the creation of a branch in Git, as the development continues in the master branch.

Eric Mann, one of the newly elected PHP 8.3 release managers emailed the PHP Internals mailing list to announce the release.

  • Docker images for PHP 8.3 beta are now available on Docker Hub
  • Compiled Windows builds are available on
  • For Linux and other systems, PHP can be compiled from source. PHP.Watch has guides for Debian/Ubuntu base systems and RHEL/Fedora-based systems.

Now that PHP 8.3 has reached its feature-freeze, there will be no more RFCs to discuss and implement any major changes to that version. In the coming months, the PHP development team will be working on bug fixes and other changes to prepare PHP 8.3 for its Generally-Available (GA) release, scheduled for 23rd of November, 2023.

The next major milestone for PHP 8.3 will be the first Release Candidate (RC) scheduled for August 31st, which will be followed by five more release candidates before the GA release.

PHP 8.3 will receive two years of active support, followed by a year of security updates.

PHP.Watch has composed a comprehensive list of What’s New, Changed, Improved, and Deprecated in PHP 8.3


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