First PHP 8.3 Alpha Released

The first alpha release of the upcoming PHP version, PHP 8.3, is now available for testing. Alpha builds are not meant to be used in any production servers, but serves as a point-release to be used for testing the upcoming version.

PHP 8.3.0 is scheduled for release on 23rd of November, 2023.

PHP 8.3 Alpha 1 is the first tagged version created by the newly appointed PHP 8.3 Release Managers, Pierrick Charron, Jakub Zelenka, and Calvin Buckley.

  • Docker images for PHP 8.3 are now available on Docker Hub
  • Compiled Windows builds are available on
  • For Linux and other systems, PHP can be compiled from source. PHP.Watch has guides for Debian/Ubuntu base systems and RHEL/Fedora-based systems.

As per the schedule, there are two more alpha releases, followed by PHP 8.3’s feature freeze on 18th of July 2023. When a PHP version has reached its feature-freeze, there will be no more RFCs to discuss and implement any major changes to that version.

PHP 8.3 will release several more QA releases before its general availability on 23rd of November. These include three Beta releases starting from 20th of July, and five Release-Candidate (RC) releases starting from 31st of August.


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